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Why is my Facebook not working?


Facebook has simplified our lives in many ways. We can connect to our distant friends just by sitting at home, we can even talk with them by chatting on Facebook. We can make new friends from different countries and can get to know about their culture and lifestyle. We can also share our experiences with our friends by posting pictures, quotes, videos, or anything on our timeline. However, our social life may come to a halt when we Cannot open Facebook on my computer. The reason behind the same can be many. Therefore, we researched and found some common problems which cause the inaccessibility of Facebook when you use it on your desktop.

Problem-1: Browser’s Corrupted Cache and Cookies

This is the main and most common reason behind Facebook not working on desktop. Cache and cookies are the files, stored in the browser, which contains a little information about every site we visit. Some errors while storing these files can cause the inaccessibility of some websites. Therefore, you must try using Facebook, once you clear all your browser’s cookies and cache files.

Problem-2: Unsupported Browser

You also need to make sure that the browser you are using to access your Facebook account is compatible with Facebook, otherwise, you may face the Facebook unsupported browser problem. In order to avoid this, you should use a browser in which Facebook functions the best. Some of the compatible browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Problem-3: Problematic Add-ons in Browser

You can come across Facebook not working on desktop issues if you have several extensions installed to your browser. Anyone or some of these may interfere with the functioning of Facebook. Therefore, you may need to switch them off one by one and see which is causing obstruction in using Facebook.


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